ABOUT HealthCatalyst AS

Getting health technology faster to the population!

The board of HealthCatalyst AS consists of the CEOs of the 3 clusters – chairman Arild Kristensen (NSCC), Ketil Widerberg (OCC) and Lena Nymo Helli (NHT).

By combining the strength of the 3 gold labelled NCE Health Clusters into a joint effort, we are taking our test center capabilities to the next level. Our aim is to build a leading global test and innovation center, developing Norway’s position as a unique test site for future health technology and services. HealthCatalyst AS is a non profit organisation owned with equal parts by Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Oslo Cancer Cluster and Norway Health Tech

HealthCatalyst will be an important and absolutely necessary contribution to give Norwegian companies increased competitiveness and thereby increase industrial value creation in the Norwegian health industry- Arild Kristensen, CEO Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

The Story Behind HealthCatalyst AS
In 2017, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster established Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL) - the development of a test center concept for digital healthcare companies. Norway Health Tech has been instrumental in the development of the Intervention centre at Rikshospitalet and now the Health2B initiative with Oslo University Hospital, while Oslo Cancer Cluster incubator has developed their lab facilities with services over many years.

Read more about what Norwegian Smart Care Lab do here.

Tidewave test NSCL
Norwegian Smart Care Lab conducting a usability test for the Norwegian company Tidewave.

In 2020, the three clusters were asked by SIVA to prepare a whitepaper for a national test center concept for health technology. We focused on challenges in the development of precision medicine, medical technology, e-health and digital health solutions. This to form the basis of an application to the Norwegian Catapult programme. The call for new Catapults has been on hold, but we have continued to work together on the basis of our existing initiatives as listed above.

In 2019, the government issued a white paper – St.Meld. 18 - The Health Industry Report, which addressed the need for test centers to further develop the Norwegian health industry. There is a need for a power center where SMEs that develop complex solutions can receive help to test and scale faster. Such a power center, together with other support schemes, will accelerate the innovation process from idea to market. A lack of national test facilities means that projects take too long, become too expensive or fail. A national test center/catapult will contribute to a simpler and faster innovation process and make Norwegian companies more attractive in the international market, which in turn will create increased value for companies and new industrial jobs.

Ownership and Board

HealthCatalyst AS is owned with equal parts by Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Oslo Cancer Cluster and Norway Health Tech. The company is non-profit and thus will not pay dividends to shareholders. If the company makes a profit, it will be added to equity and used for further development of the company. The board consists of the CEOs of the 3 clusters – Lena Nymo Helli, Ketil Widerberg and chairman Arild Kristensen.

Our Goals

  • Robust companies in Norway within digital health and AI-Robotics
  • Strengthened competence for all actors involved
  • International network
  • Good health effects for all with the introduction of digital health solutions

Our Initiatives

Norwegian Smart Care Lab

Finding new ways of delivering health-related services is crucial to ensuring a sustainable healthcare sector in the future. There is no lack of innovative ideas and solutions, but the journey from idea to market is demanding. Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL) tests and verifies products, prototypes and ideas for the health industry. The Lab knows what is required and understands the challenges and the needs of the provider, the health service, and the user. Key partners to NSCL is HelseCampus Stavanger, Alrek Helseklynge, i4Helse and DNV-GL.

NSCL accelerates the development and commercialization of new products and services by testing and adjusting to the customer needs. Simultaneously, they assist in making sure solutions comply with law, standards and norms. By making companies see where their products and services fit into the value chain helps to define the target customers. Additionally, NSCL simulates and test real situations before solutions are implemented into service. With a design thinking approach, needs and opportunities are revealed to highlight benefits and set the direction. The effect of new solutions together with the user and service provider is tested and verified.


Norway Health Tech, earlier this year, joined forces with Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and Oslo Science Park to put together a collaboration arena where public and private sectors meet to discuss, innovate and create solutions for future healthcare – Health2B. In light of the increasing pressure from demographic, economic and societal challenges we are and will be facing in the coming years/decades, there is a need for new ways of working, to foster and adopt innovation, bring industry closer to hospitals and other health actors.

Health2B is open to everyone but is made possible by partners from both sectors. It is an open arena of interaction where industry and hospitals meet, discuss, co-develop, test and experiment new solutions with the actors implementing them on the ground. Private-public cooperation is a definite need but so is public-public cooperation, and this is also facilitated at Health2B as we raise further partners joining the space (from hospitals to municipalities).

The aim is to create a neutral platform for discussing and sharing information, help and learn from each other while testing concepts and validating concepts and solutions, to ensure that technology to be used in hospitals and in the municipal health services actually works and delivers patient and societal value within an integrated context. Through open meetings, professional meetings and dialogue meetings, we will ensure that we reduce barriers, increase knowledge and trust on all sides.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) has been part of the ecosystem of health innovation since 2006, with the vision of helping patients by accelerating the development of innovative cancer treatments and diagnostics. One of the ways OCC strive to reach their goals, is by testing. It can be in preclinical trials in laboratories, or in clinical trials at hospitals. The revolution in precision medicine requires new methodology, as digital solutions converge with biological solutions to enable more precise and better diagnostics and treatment. Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, with its 5000 m2 of laboratories and offices next to one of Europe’s largest cancer hospitals, is currently expanding to encompass this aspect. The incubator collaborates with Health Catalyst to ensure facilities for academics and small and large businesses.